Choose Your Thanksgiving Feast!

Here we are on the eve of the unhealthiest holiday I know! Ready to be consumed by the masses is stuffing, mashed potatoes, rice, maybe some pasta and undoubtedly tons of desserts that make my mouth water as  I type this out. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a post telling you not to eat your favorites on Thanksgiving day, but rather one about hedging your gluttony. Go ahead and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

The last two years I have made it a habit that I hope sticks with me for some time to come. Each Thanksgiving morning the last two years, I have decided to run a road race. The town next to mine does a very successful and well attended annual “5 Mile Turkey Trot”. In fact there are several similar turkey trots around that  range from the 5K distance to the 10k distance. Almost all of these have a shorter race that can also be run separately from the longer ones. Usually the shorter distance is anywhere from a mile to two miles which is much more manageable for most than the longer distances.

In my opinion, I think doing one of these each Thanksgiving morning is a great way to not only start your thanksgiving day, but also to counter the calories that you will undoubtedly be putting on later that day. During my race alone last year, my GPS tracking estimated that I burned 837 calories. That’s a couple of pieces of pie!!

If I’ve inspired you to try one out, its not too late to do one on Thursday. I have included the locations of a few “Turkey Trots” on my calendar page.  Most of the turkey trots allow you to register for the races all the way up to the morning of the race. Feel free to sign up for one if you have the time, you won’t regret it! If it is too late into your plans to try one out, its ok. Maybe go for one piece of pie instead of multiple ones and just get out and exercise the next day!

Here are the results of the 5 mile race I ran last Thanksgiving!



I’ll be out on the streets bright and early running those 5 miles. I am hoping to run faster of course than I did last year (time in the pic up above) but as always who knows how I will feel when I toe the line. I will admit, I ran fast in my opinion last year. During my training runs recently, I haven’t felt anywhere near as fast as that race but I am hoping the adrenalin from the crowd will push me faster!

Hope to have a full race report on Friday or the weekend!

For now, I wish all of you and your beloved families a very safe and joyful Thanksgiving!



Because even the turkeys RUN!




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