CANCELLED! Run The NYC Half Course W/ Us This Saturday!

UPDATE – SATURDAY 3/2/19 @ 5am!

Due to accumulations of already 2-3 inches of snow on the ground in Brooklyn and more still falling, we have decided it is in the runners best interests to cancel this run! .

We have come too far training wise to risk insury! Originally I had hoped this would be mostly rain but it wasn’t the case!


Apologies this didn’t work out!

As we come up close to two weeks left to the United NYC Half, its time for runners to get their final long runs in!  Similar to what we did a few weeks back, we will be running a large portion of the United NYC half course!  This week we will come close to running the whole course! We are looking to run approximately 12 miles this Saturday!

Where: Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Arch @ Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Park!

When: Saturday, March 2, 2019

Time: Gathering between 7:00am – 7:15am

Why: 12 miles of the United NYC Half Marathon Course

 We will be doing this run rain or shine! One of the positives that we have going our way that day is that we will have a bag check available! You can check your bag with one of our members at Grand Army Plaza who will then transport your belongings for retrieval by the NYRR Run Center.

We will also have FREE samples of Nuun Hydration & Vitamins to give out before and after the run.

For this run we will have three different pace groups and have them departing at staggered times.

-Pace group 1 – 7:30am – Runners pacing over 11:00

 -Pace group 2 – 7:45am -Runners pacing b/w 9:00 and. 11:00 per mile,

 –Pace group 3 – 8:00 am -Runners pacing under 9:00/ mile

Below is the route that we will be taking for the course run. Please keep in mind that some parts of the actual course cannot be run as we do not have access to them such as the main road of the Manahattan Bridge and the actual FDR Drive. We have improvised the route to come as close to the actual race day course as possible.


I know the race starts within Prospect Park but we won’t have the luxury of signage telling us where to go this Saturday and I would like to avoid any confusion. Also, starting in Grand Army Plaza allows, our vehicular bag check to drive up right to us and not having to go inside the park. So with this route, we will end up somewhere between 12 and 12 1/2 miles approximately while cutting out one mile from within Prospect Park.

  •  We will start at Grand Army Plaza and head South on Flatbush Avenue, taking Flatbush Avenue until you get to Empire Blvd. (0.75 miles)
  • Once you hit Empire Blvd,  turn around and come back up Flatbush Avenue retracing the route you just ran. Go back thru Grand Army Plaza and run past it but make sure to pick up Flatbush Avenue on the other side of Grand Army Plaza AND NOT Vanderbilt Avenue. (approx 1.0 mile)
  • Once you pass thru Grand Army Plaza, stay on Flatbush Ave for 1.5 miles and make a left on Willoughby St. (1.5 miles) 
  • On Willoughby, go 5 blocks, approx. ΒΌ mile and make a right onto Jay St. (0.25 MILES
  • Stay on Jay St for a little over a ΒΌ mile until you come to Sands St. Here, there is an entrance to the Manhattan Bridge pedestrian walkway. (0.25 MILES)
  • Enjoy the stretch over Manhattan Bridge and take your pictures now instead of race day lol (1.3 MILES)
  • When you come off the bridge make a right on Canal Street Stay on Canal Street for about 3 blocks until you get to Allen Street and make a right. Stay on Allen St until it turns to Pike Street and take Pike Street all the way until you hit the FDR Drive. (0.25 MILES)
  • Cross under the FDR drive and run along the water either along the water or on the bike path under the FDR drive. Stay along this path until you come to the Water Club which is approximately at 34th street (3.0 MILES)
  • Continue one block on 34th street to 1st ave and make a right. (0.1 MILES)
  • Continue north on 1st Ave to 42nd street and make a left (0.4 MILES)
  • Continue on 42nd street to 7th avenue and make a right. (1.2 MILES)
  • Continue north on 7th avenue for a mile until you reach 59th street and Central Park South. Make a right on Central Park South. (1.0 MILES)
  • Take Central Park South to Grand Army Plaza and enter the park on East Drive. Continue on East drive and make a left at the 72nd street tranverse. Take the transverse around to the west drive and end run at tavern on the green. (1.5 MILES)

See you on Saturday rain or shine! Any questions regarding the run, please email us at !


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